Institutional History

The University of La Verne was founded in 1891 as Lordsburg College by members of the Church of the Brethren who had moved west. Both the college and the agricultural community were renamed La Verne in 1917, and the 1920s and 1930s found three-quarters of the student body in teacher education.

The next three decades saw campus facilities multiply fourfold, the Board of Trustees become independent of church control, and the student body increase and become more cosmopolitan without the college losing its commitment to service and to sound, values-oriented education. In the 1960s the college awarded its first master’s degree, and in 1979, it conferred its first doctorate.

In 1969, La Verne began offering degree programs off campus, and the following year it opened its College of Law. Reflecting these profound changes, the college reorganized in 1977 as the University of La Verne. The University founded its Orange County campus in 1981 and its San Fernando Valley campus in 1983. A decade later it created campuses in Ventura and San Bernardino / Riverside counties, and in 2000 established a separate campus for the College of Law in Ontario. Continuing the trend of improving services to students, La Verne developed the Central Coast, Kern County, and High Desert campuses. More information on La Verne’s regional campuses may be found at