The Microscopy Lab

Electron Microscopy


Scanning Electron Microscope (JEOL 6460LV)

Our Scanning Electron Microscope- Energy Dispersive X-ray System (SEM-EDS) provides state of the art tungsten SEM imagery.  It has secondary electron detection, 3 sector back scatter detection, and energy dispersive x-ray capability.

The sample chamber of the instrument is quite large and it is equipped with a 5 axis automated stage and an IR chamber camera.

Scanning Electron Microscope
Energy Dispersive X-ray System (Oxford INCA x-sight 7573)
Provides chemical information regarding elemental composition and distribution (mapping) of samples. EDS
SEM Chamber
The large specimen chamber can accommodate 20cm (8") diameter specimens. SEM Chamber
STEM Attachment
This device holds allows TEM grids and allows transmission electron microscopy by facilitating the transmission of electrons through the specimen.  This device produces low resolution TEM micrographs enhancing the capabilities of our facility.  The University does not currently have a dedicated Transmission Electron Microscope. STEM Attachment
Critical Point Dryer
This device dries specimens without losing 3-D integrity. Liquid CO2 is used as the critical point medium in the center.
Critical Point Dryer
LBK Ultramicrotome III
This instrument is used primarily to cut very thin sections for transmission electron microscopy Ultramicrotome III
Glass Knife maker for Ultramicrotomy
Knives should be prepared daily to assure the required "sharpness" for preparation of TEM sections.  This device breaks glass to form glass knives.  The cutting surface of a glass knife consists of a freshly broken edge. Glass Knife Maker
Bio Rad-Polaron- SEM Coater System (Sputter Coater)
This device is used to deposit very thin layers of gold and/or other noble metals on nonconductive specimens to help reduce charging. Sputter Coater
Vacuum Evaporator
This device can be used to deposit carbon and/or noble metals on nonconductive specimens.  It can also be used for the generation of replicas and for shadowing in the preparation of TEM specimens. Vacuum Evaporator