The Microscopy Lab

Light Microscopy


Flexible transmission/fluorescence photomicroscope
This ergonomically designed instrument is capable of standard bright and dark field, phase contrast, fluorescence, and other common modes of microscopy.  It is equipped with digital imaging systems to document both bright field and dim fluorescent subjects. Fluorescence Microscope
Reflectance Microscope
This 70’s vintage Olympus, reflectance microscope is still optically state of the art.  It has  “Neo plan” lenses and digital imaging capability.
Reflectance Microscope
Research Grade, Dissecting Photomicrography System

This is the newest addition to our research grade instrument complement. This Nikon MZ800 based, dissecting, photomicroscopy system features an ultra-steady, but flexible, boom system to accommodate a broad range of specimens. It is used for low power photo-documentation and for procedures that require 3D perception.


Dissecting Microscope



(primarily for preparing sections for light microscopy)
A0 820 Microtome
This classic instrument is used for sectioning embedded specimens in preparation for examination by light microscopy. Pic Coming Soon
IEC Cryocut Microtome
This microtome is used in the preparation of thin sections for light microscopy without embedding in paraffin or plastic. The specimen is supported by a matrix of ice during sectioning. Thus, specimens can be sectioned without lengthy preparation. The left photograph shows the entire system. The right photograph shows the microtome itself, within the cold chamber. Pic Coming Soon