The Microscopy Lab


The resources of the University of La Verne Microscopy Center, are available to the ULV community and, in a service mode, to others when the objective is consistent with the mission of the University. Priority is given to scheduled class instruction and urgent research needs, followed by general instruction and research, outreach initiatives and finally, other service to the community.

  • Reservations – Reservations are not necessary to use the Center resources. However, they are advised, if one needs to use the instrument(s) at specific times, e.g. for a scheduled class or for a research deadline. Reservations should be cancelled when plans change so that others can use the instruments. A sign-up calendar is found at the lower right of the bulletin board on the South wall. Please indicate the times and equipment you would like to reserve.
  • Assistance and training – We promote hands on learning especially at the undergraduate level. Therefore, we generally work with the client at the controls, in order to develop skill and insight that will serve them in their future endeavors. Microscopy services can be provided in cases where instruction is not needed.
  • Fees – There are no internal fees for use of the microscopy facilities. Expendables, e.g. slides, grids, knife glass, are the responsibility of the user if needed in significant quantities. Please understand that the University of La Verne is a tuition dependant, non-profit, private institution with limited funding. Our policy is to share resources to the extent that we can. Your support however, is needed to assure continued availability of these important instruments. Please see Jay Jones when developing budgets for grant proposals.
Non-mission related contract work can be accepted if proceeds go to meet the needs and mission of the Center. Terms for this type of work will be negotiated on a case by case basis.