Faculty Events

Faculty Events

There are numerous events during the year that are of interest to the faculty at the University of La Verne. These include convocations, symposia, workshops and occasions of general information of interest. The videos contained here are an amalgamation of these types of activities."


Here is a brief overview of the current Faculty activities available at this site on iTunesU. Or click on any photo below to launch the Faculty Events page on iTunesU.


Aghop and Al


Adjunct faculty workshop Orientation: November 14,2009. This event is an orientation for Adjunct Faculty at the university and includes announcments of adjunct promotions, WASC, Assessment, and Campus Climate by Aghop Der-Karabetian, Assoc. V.P, University Assessment, Registrar information by Marilyn Davies, Registrar and  instructional support from the Center for Teaching & Learning by Lisa Rodriguez, Director.

                                        Colloquium Series on Diversity
                                            Sexuality and Gender

The University-wide Coalition for Diversity is sponsoring a four part symposium on issues relating to sexuality and gender. Each symposium has a facilitator followed by a discussion among any panelists and attendees.

Eye Colloquium #1: March 4, 2010:  Facilitator: Kathy Duncan
“LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender- for Dummies” –Terms, definitions, challenges, safety.
Gender Colloquium #2: March 11, 2010:Facilitator: John Bartelt
"Gender, Identity and Sexual Roles: Who we are vs who others say we are!"
Genome Dr.Greg Dewey, Provost The Sequencing of  the X and Y Chromosome: What are we learning Thursday, March 25, 2010. This discussion focuses on the development of the Human Genome Project and the work that established the first complete map of the human genetic code. The implications for understanding various aspects of human behavior, including gender roles, sexuality and medical interventions are discussed.
Gender Gender Trouble Where Do We Go From Here.

Next Steps: Developing A Supportive Community

Zandra Wagoner

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies and 

Assistant Professor of Religion 

April 15, 2010