Faculty Research and Scholarship

Faculty Researchers

Faculty Research and Scholarship

The Faculty at the University of La Verne are engaged in a variety of research, scholarly and creative endeavors. We are creating videos of the formal lectures and events that are the products of these efforts and will be posting them on iTunes University. You can access these videos as they are posted though the link provided below. 

The videos are the formal lectures, gallery openings and other assorted faculty events that are noteworthy to maintain a visual record. The link below provides access to the Academic Affairs site on the University of La Verne iTunes University. This site is contains videos in four areas: Faculty Research Lectures, Arts and Creativity, Scholarship at La Verne and Faculty Events. A brief abstract for each of the videos on iTunes is available on the following pages:

Faculty Research Lectures

Arts and Creativity

Scholarship at La Verne

Faculty Events

Here is the link to the University of La Verne iTunes University site. If you do not have iTunes installed n your computer, clicking on the link will bring up a page that will ask if you want to install iTunes. If you already have iTunes installed, it will open this program and bring up the University of La Verne site.  iTunes is available for both MAC and PC computers.

We hope you enjoy this view of the many and varied types of scholarly and creative activities in which the faculty at the University of La Verne are engaged. We would also appreciate hearing from you with any comments or questions you might have. Send your thoughts by email to Fred Yaffe.