Current Board Membership


Luis Faura*
C & F Foods, Inc.

Vice Chair
Mark Hicks*
President, NHC Medical Supply

Susan M. Searing*
Retired Educator

Other Members

Michael Abraham
Chief Executive Officer
MKA Capital Group, Inc.

Michael J. Bidart
Managing Partner
Shernoff Bidart Echeverria Bentley, LLP

Kim Burchiel, M.D.

Ann Quay Davis,* C.P.A.
Vicenti, Lloyd, and Stutzman, LLP

Peter Eckel
Vice President
Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

Alex Espinoza
President, California Capital

Joe Fengler
Director of Defense Logistics Policy
Honeywell International

William A. Hawkins
Managing Director
Overton Partners

Benjamin C. Harris*
Retired Entrepreneur

Anthony LaFetra
Rain Bird, Inc.

Wendy Lau
Senior Counsel
Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP


Members Continued

Richard A. Lewis
President and Co-owner
Lewis Operating Corporation

Kenneth Little
Partner, Brandes Investment Partners

James W. Long*
Partner, Magnesium Alloy

Ivan R. Misner*, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman, BNI

Cecilia Martinez Morris
Owner & Agent
State Farm Insurance Agency

Mary Ann Melleby
San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency

Paul Moseley
Owner, Ruby Springs Lodge

Leslie I. Porras
Director, Public Relations
Wellpoint, Inc.

Steven N. Reenders
President, The Reenders Company

Valerie C. Romero
Executive Vice President
Oremor Management and Investment

Margaret Sedenquist
Sedenquist Fraser Enterprises

Ray Skelton
Retired V.P., Black & Decker

David Shively, D.D.S.
Dental Practice

Emmett L. Terrell
Retired Deputy Superintendent
Pomona Unified School District

* Member of the Executive Committee

Emeritus (a)

Marvin Belcher
Retired School Administrator

Kenneth L. Calkins*
Retired Educator

Jerry A. Davis
Retired Farmer

Richard G. Landis
Retired CEO & Chairman
Del Monte Corporation

Jay Rodriquez
Retired Foundation Executive

Donald G. Wilson
Retired Entrepreneur