Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

Choosing Public Administration means majoring in an academic field with a defined professional outcome, where students share the vision to become public managers, leaders in governmental and non-profit agencies. Public administration students acquire skills and knowledge specifically useful for public management, alongside general perspectives on government and public policy making. At the University of La Verne, we offer course delivery in a variety of formats intended to meet the complex schedules of the contemporary student.

Why Public Administration? Why now?

Public sector employment, especially at the local level, is a “growth industry.” Employment projections for Southern California Counties in the year 2005 indicate that State and Local Government employment will increase by 13 percent, and local, non-educational employment will gain 14 percent. Good people with public administration skills are needed to improve housing, transportation, public health, safety and emergency services, and growth management. These are the areas where our graduates are most likely to work.

Public administrators are the stewards of our nation’s future, guiding how we perceive and address the major challenges and opportunities of our time. As a public administration student, you will learn how to translate the goals of citizens and elected officials into plans of action to improve our lives and communities. You will become familiar with the techniques and skills required to help government to be effective and efficient, making the work you do count every day in the lives of people across your community. Studying public administration has some clear advantages for students whose career goals involve public and nonprofit management. Some of these advantages are significant enough that public sector job postings stipulate a preference for a bachelor’s degree in public administration.

Tradition, commitment, excellence and value

The University of La Verne has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1891, and is one of the only institutions of higher education in the country that offers continuous educational opportunity from bachelors to doctoral degrees in public administration. Because of our commitment to sustaining curricular excellence to the public administration field, we have streamlined the transition from undergraduate to masters, and masters to doctoral program completion for our students seeking further educational and employment opportunities. We believe each student is unique, and so we tailor our instruction to accommodate a range of learning modalities

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