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Concert Review: Irish mania hits the Greek Theater

Marla Bahloul
Staff Writer

Coming all the way from Ireland, Flogging Molly headlined the Saturday night show at the Greek Theater at 7 p.m.

The nearly sold out venue hosted Fitz & the Tantrums and Hepcat to open up for them.

There was no room for sleep in the Los Feliz agenda as the performances manifested neighboring homes.

“Los Angeles, we are Fitz & the Tantrums,” Noel Scaggs said.

Scaggs, the backing vocalist, whose soulful voice was melodic and powerful, accompanied Fitz – who, like Madonna and Prince, only has one name – with a prompt beginning of their single, “Breakin’ the Chains of Love.”

The band brought a sense of sophistication, dawning black and white attire, and projecting a blues-jazz feel.

A French native, Fitz’s awkward dancing and peculiar quirks worked in favor of the band, adding to their eccentric appeal.

“Rich girls will break your heart and poor girls will take your money,” Fitz said as he introduced their next song.

Performing a total of six songs from their EP, “Songs for a Break-up, Vol. 1,” Fitz & the Tantrums energized the crowd, preparing them for more to come.

Hepcat, a more established band, followed them immediately after.

Since forming in 1989, they have created a cult following amongst admirers of ska.

“I’m a reggae rocker and so can you,” said lead vocalist, Greg Lee.

This seemed to encompass the overall feel of the night as hints of reggae were detected in all three acts.

With the sun now fully set, beaming lights radiated upon the audience, with separate azure lighting bringing attention to the stage.

Lee stepped down into the pit, joining the audience. The third-wave ska had everyone dancing.

Even those with seating arrangements could not resist. Hepcat’s lively performance hyped up the crowd, filling up even more seats.

With the audience now fully prepared for the headlining band, it was only a matter of minutes before Flogging Molly would appear onstage.

As the curtains reopened, an elaborate backdrop drew quite the attention. Two ships at sea illuminated the stage.

They started off their set with a song from their sixth album, “Float.” Their energy was evident as Dave King’s vocals were matched by the fast paced fiddling of Bridget Regan.

Irish origins were apparent in their music as well as in King’s accent.

“If we were in Ireland, we’d all be under umbrellas,” King said.

As if their Irish decent was not evident enough, a screen cap of King drinking his Guinness solidified their origin.

Their set lasted over an hour, playing a number of songs from earlier albums. King’s humor and wit captivated the audience, providing not only a musical experience for them, but a comedic one as well. The level of excitement was above par.

Everyone from the pit to the benches behind Section C was able to enjoy all three performances.

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