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Films inspire Saint Motel

Samantha Sincock
Arts Editor/Editorial Director

Film schools are usually expected to turn out future directors, but the band Saint Motel prove the makings of musical genius can be hidden among reels of film.

Unlike most musical groups who began in a garage and prayed on the hopes of musical genius, a few misfits who stumbled into each other founded Saint Motel.

The band is composed of A.J. Jackson (vocals/piano), A. Sharp (guitar), Dak (bass) and Greg Erwin (drums).

Sharp and Jackson come from a long history of music. Sharp descending from a line of classical guitarists and Jackson playing the piano since the age of 5.

When the two met in film school, they decided to base their style solely off of film and allowed the influence of cinema to flow through their compositions.

In the music videos “Dear Dictator” and “Butch” it is hard to deny that these boys can”t work both the visual and musical sides of art.

Dak and Erwin are titled as the “unusuals” of the group because of their coming to Saint Motel. Sharp and Jackson discovered Dak while he was working at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

While Erwin initially learned to play the drums to curb his turrets and in time was crafted into a sensational percussionist. Both individuals addition to the group completed Sharp and Jacksons muse.

“The band started with our own songs being written and played, we were never into to performing cover songs,” Jackson said. “We wanted to be original every part of our music, every instrument to be captivating, like the ‘raison d’etre,’ the reason for living.”

The boys write a variety of music both individually and as a whole.

In listening to their songs one is rushed through orchestral waves and revolutionary lyrics.

“We write our songs to be better and better, incorporating different facts and life instances to make every song relate to someone,” Jackson said.

With songs like “Do Everything Now” and “Eat Your Heart Out” you will quickly become addicted to their rhythmical sound and will find you can’t stop humming their tunes throughout the day.

Saint Motel’s live shows have been described as a therapeutic and cathartic experience that will leave you coming back for more.

It is no question that this indie group is quickly raising to the top of the music industry and in no time will be at the top venues throughout the world.

The band is finishing up their debut EP and hope to have it out by spring 2010 and are currently touring the sunny West Coast.

Hurry out and find a concert near you and do not miss their intoxicating performance.

Saint Motel will perform at Spaceland Monday night at 8:30 p.m. Take a trip down to Los Angeles and enjoy the show.

For more information about the band and shows visit

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