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Music Review: 'Jukebox' doesn't play a hit

Marla Bahloul
Staff Writer

Priscilla Renea’s sophomore album, “Jukebox,” proves to be just that. A sophomore attempt at pop.

The album seems most appropriate for a children’s network with songs like, “Bacon ‘n’ Eggs” and “Mr. Workabee.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face, even if it means making you bacon and eggs,” Renea sings.

“Jukebox” seems to have no set sense of direction. With songs about stone gardens and city love, it’s hard to say what Renea was trying to achieve.

The album’s single “Dollhouse” seems to belong on Katy Perry’s, “One of the Boys.” In other words, a bit whiny.

“Jukebox” proves to be a cluster of ideas. Songs about female dominance over males are quickly discredited with songs like, “Baby Please,” where she’s essentially begging her man to come back to her.

She starts the album off strongly with a sense of hate toward the misogynistic male, but is then so eager to maintain her appearance in front of her counterpart.

Okay, we get it. Everyone likes to sing about love. Or lack thereof.

Even a genre is hard to establish. The album starts off upbeat, with an electro pop feel but quickly digresses to jazz, then acoustics.

Renea, a self proclaimed YouTube starlet, got her big break in 2007. Debuting her voice on MTV’s, “Say What? Karaoke,” allowed her to gain the listenership of three-quarters of a million MySpace users.

Amply titled, with “Jukebox” you don’t know what to expect. The album will be released on Oct. 20.

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