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Preparing for the future

Natalie Veissalov, Editor in Chief

Natalie Veissalov, Editor in Chief

Many students may feel the same way I am feeling: overwhelmed and stressed.

It seems like this semester all I have to look forward to is an overwhelming load of school work and projects.

My schedule now till mid-December will be totally booked, even including the weekends.

Although I love writing for the school newspaper and being editor in chief for the paper has been great and wonderful experience, it can get pretty overwhelming at times to a point where I have sudden anxiety attacks.

Being just editor in chief would not be so difficult if that was all I was doing. But I am writing for the La Verne Magazine, doing video projects for my video productions class, covering events at my internship I had over the summer , being vice president of Society Professional Journalists and taking 17 units overall.

I try to use every minute of my short breaks to fit in some homework and study time but it does not always work out that way.

My schedule is so tight and it is beginning to drive a little crazy.

I am beginning to think why I took on so many responsibilities.

Sometimes I feel I am being pulled in so many directions, I have no time to breath or even eat lunch. There are nights when I get home really late that I tend to skip dinner.

I feel like this semester is sucking all my energy. Now all I want to do on my free time is sleep.

And to make matters even worse my car has broke down, and now I have to rely on my mom or sister to take me places or I have to borrow their cars.

This semester has been the hardest one of my college years. And I do not think it is going to get better.

And to make matters worse, there will be more piling on to my hectic schedule as the semester continues.

But it isn’t just me, many other students are going through the same thing this semester.

I have been hearing students talking about how they are taking overloaded schedules aside from having to work two jobs, sports, Greek life or other extracurricular activities.

I feel like many students want to do everything and commit themselves to many activities so they can fill up their resume. And sadly college is the only time to be involved in these particular activities.

However, I think we should learn to only commit to the ones we most value so we do not become overly stressed and become sick.

Without our health we cannot do anything, so we must prioritize by staying healthy and getting adequate sleep over school activities.

I love the University of La Verne for offering many opportunities to get involved and for the rigorous courses given. I think this is what makes La Verne unique, but it can add stress to our lives sometimes.

But at the same time, I begin to think this added amount of stress going on this semester will only make me stronger and more prepared for real world. For the day when I will have to meet the high standards and expectations of employers, pay big bills and support myself.

And for that I am thankful La Verne has taught me to push myself so hard.

My busy schedule has allowed me to manage my time more efficiently, and has made me a smarter and steadfast person.

I feel I will have adequate knowledge and skills to navigate throughout the world when I graduate from college.

Natalie Veissalov, a junior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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