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Textbooks should come cheaper

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

It is that time of year again, when we scrounge up the rest of our grant money or for most of us, the rest of our checking account, and buy textbooks.

Now, it would not be a terrible task if it were as simple as it sounds, buy a few textbooks. But at La Verne and at most educational establishments, purchasing textbooks is like pulling teeth and can be almost more difficult than your final in statistics.

If you have noticed over the years, or if this is your first, the bookstore has outrageous prices for the smallest books. It would almost be easier to donate an organ than buy that biochemistry lab book or the ‘easy’ reading for English.

We sit all summer long and wait for that dreaded first week of school, where we get the course requirements and rush to beat the other 100 plus students to get the text needed for the class. Upon arrival you are out of breath from running so far, you are worried about your financial aid and are wondering if you have enough money for these books, the last thing on your mind is if the bookstore has it in stock. You look around and they don’t.

Why is this process so difficult? Why are we more stressed about acquiring our textbooks than we are about passing the class?

Now it is not completely the bookstores fault on this one, the whole University is to blame.
If professors know that the publishers are slow to get the required text to the school, then why not hold off on the rush of reading the first few weeks or better yet, put the order in early.

Students do not particularly go to college because they are rich, that is why they are getting an education, to obtain a career and make money. We cannot afford to buy books we will not even use in class.

Once we cut out the ‘un-touched’ reading and let the bookstore know ahead of time what is going to be taught so that there are enough books, lets inform the students. is a fast and easy way to obtain new/used textbooks without the stress of the bookstore, and they deliver anywhere. Why deal with the hassle of the bookstore if you can just order online?

And if buying the book is still not sounding good to you, then why not rent them? is the Netflix for readers and students throughout the world. Just by setting up a quick account, bookswim will take your order of books (textbooks) and get them to you in a matter of days allowing you to keep them for as long as needed.

Students need options, we cannot be expected to take the bookstores expensive way or the highway.

If the bookstore wishes to stay in business and not get turned into a lot for parking then a lot must change.

The bookstore is not terrible, just their methods of business.

So dear bookstore please listen and help out the students who keep your fine establishment working.

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