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Waste less, go trayless

Many colleges have adopted a new habit in campus dining halls and guess what, it’s eco-friendly: Going trayless at the dining hall.

Davenport Dining Hall at the University of La Verne permanently adopted this technique, or rather, this way of life at the beginning of this school year, and we are proud of the University for taking us in a greener direction.

“Many students seem to not mind going trayless, but some older faculty members still insist on using trays to get their meals,” said the executive chef of Davenport, Michael Gove.

A neighboring college to the University of La Verne has also adopted this new convention – Pomona College. Other schools who have participated in going tray less include UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, Loyola Marymount and UC Riverside.

And why shouldn’t they if it is helping our beloved earth?

All universities and colleges should do the same thing at their dining halls because it saves food and water. What more could you ask for.

Although it means that many students will have to make a couple of trips back to get more food, it would save the school money on its energy bill and prevent many students from packing on those extra pounds and put to rest the dreaded “freshman 15.”

Many students put way too much food on their trays and most of the time they never even touch all of it.

This really goes hand-in-hand with that famous saying “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

This is a waste of food and money, especially when there are millions of people starving in third world countries as well as the United States.

The only thing horrific about going trayless is that the person will have to walk back through the line if they want to eat more.

Not only does using trays lead to wasting food, but it also wastes a lot of water and energy because every tray is washed and sterilized.

This is detrimental to our environment and is not very smart, especially when we are going through a drought.

Gove also mentioned how Davenport has saved a lot of money on not buying detergent to wash the trays. Saving food, water, soap and energy also leads to the University saving a lot of money and in this economy we must save every penny.

The recession has affected everyone at the University and the extra money from not using trays can be used to better improve La Verne in areas we are lacking.

According to the article in the Los Angeles Times, many schools have accounted a 30 percent decrease in food waste.

And although some universities and colleges have done “Trayless Tuesdays,” we believe all colleges and universities should make a permanent switch to not using trays in order to improve our environment and prevent the waste of untouched food.

It is simple, use a plate or two. It is not much of a hastle to get up and re-fill your plat, plus it will give you an extra workout to keep off those extra pounds.

So end the use of trays, adopt healthy eating habbits and help save the environment one step at a time. Because if we don’t try to put a stop to waste, who will?

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