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Commentary: Costume shopping shouldn't be scary

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Charlie Neff
Staff Writer

With Halloween around the corner, many students are looking to find the perfect costume. Hopefully this will serve as a guide for those students struggling with costume decisions.

One can’t underestimate the importance on Halloween of looking good, having the freshest costume and showing a little creativity as well.

The Disney classics seem to be a huge hit this year with newly designed costumes such as the name brand Leg Avenue’s Pocahontas costume, the Little Mermaid costume or the Belle costume, which can be accompanied by a sexy Beast.

With the new “Alice in Wonderland” movie nearing its release in March, the Alice in Wonderland theme has taken over Halloween. With many different Alice costumes to choose from, it is easy to find one that suits any type of style.

Another movie that is inspiring our Halloween costume choice is “Twilight.”

With the “Twilight” sequel, “New Moon,” also approaching its release date this November, many are considering dressing up as a blood-sucking vampire.

One important issue that needs to be avoided this year is getting suckered into buying a costume that is out-dated.

Pirate costumes are a thing of the past that were popular in 2007 when “The Pirates of the Caribbean” phenomenon was still in full swing. Last year pirate costumes were still acceptable, but this year it is a big “no no.”

The discount party super store Party City in San Dimas always seems to be the first place people go to buy costumes, but shop with caution.

Although Party City has a variety of costumes costing anywhere from $19 to $50, it is not recommended to buy from them.

Because Party City is the most popular store to buy costumes from, the chances of seeing a person wearing the same costume as you at a Halloween party is much greater, and God forbid that happens.

However, Party City is a good location to get cute accessories such as a stuffed Toto from “The Wizard of Oz” for a Dorothy costume, or a petticoat for a Cinderella costume, but don’t make Party City the only option.

The best place to shop for a Halloween costume this year is at the Haunted Halloween Store located in the Eastland Shopping Center in West Covina.

It has a wide variety of bestselling Leg Avenue costumes such as the Gypsy Princess costume, the Toy Soldier costume and the Ring Mistress costume.

The Haunted Halloween Store even has a section for plus size costumes making it easier to find a costume that is not only cute, but also fits right.

Romantix, located off Foothill in Upland, is a hidden secret for finding a unique Halloween costume this year.

With a wide selection of tutus, corsets, as well as a whole room dedicated to sexy Halloween outfits, it is easy to find an outfit that no one else will have.

But Romantix is quite pricey, so shop there only if cost is not an issue.

Frederick’s of Hollywood located in the West Covina Mall is always a good place to find a super sexy costume that will make all the boys melt and the girls green with envy.

Frederick’s most popular costumes this year are the sexy super hero Wonder Woman costume and the blazing fire fighter outfit.

Costumes cost about $50 for a complete set.

For those that are on a serious budget this year, a popular fad is making your own Halloween costume.

What is better than showing off some serious creativity by making a one-of-a-kind costume?

Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts located off Foothill in La Verne is the best store for purchasing costume materials.

All Halloween suede cloth and pleather is 50 percent off, making it cheap to create a witch costume, a Greek goddess costume or even an American flag costume.

However, the best idea is to make a masquerade inspired costume.

At Jo-Ann’s, there is a whole section dedicated to assembling a masquerade mask.

There are a wide selection of feathers, sequins and different style masks to mix and match with. And for the outfit, almost anything can be worn.

A simple black dress, a black boa around your neck and the newly designed mask will make anyone look good for a mere $20.

For men, it is all about comedy. At any Target department store it is easy to find many choices of hysterical Halloween costumes.

Men can choose from unique costumes such as the Michael Jackson costume, the king crab costume, or even a beer pong table costume.

These costumes cost anywhere from $30 to $100, making it easy to find a costume for a reasonable price.

Whatever costume chosen for Halloween, it is vital to include the most distinctive must-have accessory: your smile.

Nothing else can truly put a cherry on top of a Halloween costume like confidence and a big beautiful smile.

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