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Concert Review: The Kids get up again

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Michael Escañuelas
Staff Writer

The ‘90s died in 2005, as devastated fans learned that the Get Up Kids were calling it quits putting to rest 10 years work as a band.

Now, after over four years of being on hiatus, the Get Up Kids have reunited and rocked the Glass House in Pomona on Wednesday night, headlining once again, gaining a positive response from the crowd with an energetic live set.

Hailing from Kansas City, Mo., the five-piece band played to a full floor crowd for a little more than an hour.

“It feels good to be back at the Glass House,” lead guitarist Jim Suptic said, as he took the stage.
The stage was set with equipment from the opening band with the headliner’s equipment looming towards the back of the stage.

Soon after the doors opened a small crowd of dedicated fans gathered around the stage. During the first two acts the room began to slowly fill up with fans eager to see the Get Up Kids play.

The set included several songs spanning across their career before their hiatus, including one new song, their first new track in years.

The night consisted of three bands including the headliners. The first act, Pretty & Nice, opened the night with some fast paced rock.

Displaying great energy on stage with a sound that was similar to the recently departed band, the Matches, Pretty & Nice was a great first act that gave some variety to the show.

Although Pretty & Nice kept their stage show entertaining with an energetic lead man and fast pace, almost chaotic songs, at this point in the show, the crowd was still small with little audience participation through Pretty & Nice’s set.

Coming all the way from Australia, the second band, Youth Group, brought a nice blend of mellow rock and high pitched melodies that echoed a heavy influence of Morrissey.

Along with a random reference to late author David Foster Wallace, Youth Group played songs that ranged from a folk rock sound, displaying a mature sound of music.

Similar to Pretty & Nice, Youth Group got little reaction from the audience aside from heads bouncing to the beat. But as the band played the room filled with people just in time for the Get Up Kids.

Fears that the crowd might lack energy for the final band were put to rest as the Get Up Kids hit the stage.

Fans pushed forward and the people near the front of the stage were lifted off their feet as the first chord was strummed on their song, “Holiday.”

Just as the song started, the crowd could be heard singing every word.

Songs in the setlist ranged from mellow to pure rock as the band pulled from their long library of songs.
Fan favorites, like “Valentine,” and “Red Letter Day” got the crowd moving and older tracks like “Stay Gold, PonyBoy,” had hardcore fans singing. Even songs requested from the audience filled the set list creating a well balanced set that kept the crowd going.

The band members themselves looked to be having fun on stage as they rocked out to every song and even had time to tell a few jokes and poke fun at the current scene in music.

Jokes about drummers and Atticus clothing filled gaps between songs and gave the band a great connection with their audience.

From the opening track to their closing encore with “Ten Minutes,” it seemed that the audience saved all their energy for the Get Up Kids and it showed.

It heavy focus on the band’s 1999 album, “Something to Write Home About,” which was reissued before the tour, the set felt very fresh and diverse for old fans and new fans.

From the front crowd pushing and dancing to the back crowd rocking their heads to the beat, it seemed like everyone there pulled from the band’s energy.

The band themselves seemed to be feeding off the crowds energy as well.

After playing several festivals and shows since their reincarnation, the Get Up Kids showed great promise that, after over 14 years since their original formation, they can still put on a great show.

It’s exciting to see a band that is hailed for influencing such a large genre of music live up to their big name.

After hearing a small taste of their new music, it will be interesting to see how this band will evolve with their new surroundings in the music business.

For now, it’s great to see another amazing band make a come back that’s actually welcomed and show the next generation “artists” how it’s done.

Let’s hope they listen.

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