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La Verne revamps Web site

Marla Bahloul
Copy Editor

The University of La Verne’s official Web site has been noticeably modified for the fall semester, receiving both positive and negative response to its new design and functionality.

The Office of Information Technology, in charge of maintaining, altered the Web site design and also added new user-friendly features.

“The old Web site was not as aesthetically pleasing and it was very dysfunctional,” said Clive Houston-Brown, chief information officer.

“(The update) has fresh content. It doesn’t matter where on the Web site you go, there will always be new updates.”

“Information is much more easily found, and applying to the University has become easier as well,” he added.

What seemed to be a mere summer development, the new-look Web site took 15 months to achieve.
The process not only cleaned up the system, it restored the Web site entirely.

“We’re very pleased with the outcome,” Houston-Brown added.

With Internet security becoming more stringent, those living on campus are required to use their La Verne e-mail information to access the Web.

This process is required whenever a new browser is opened.

The new password security method allows the OIT to monitor campus-wide Internet usage as well as information.

Compared to the old Web site, the new layout is much more contemporary. It has also undergone a name change, going from to

“I think it’s very modern. It looks visually appealing, the only thing is, I feel like the old Web site was easier to use,” said Natalie Arizmendi, senior sociology major.

Though she added: “It’s also upsetting that all passwords and e-mail addresses keep getting changed.
“It’s hard to keep up with them all.”

The new Web site features two new columns, “News and Information” and “Upcoming Events” which are updated much more frequently than the old site.

Laverne. edu still hosts a number of its previous hyperlinks. The old Blackboard and Gmail pages are still in use.

“I think it’s so much more accessible and appealing,” said Crystal Ramirez, junior psychology major.

“It proves to be beneficial and is much easier to navigate. The new Web site is very helpful and advantageous for all of the University’s students,” she added.

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