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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’ve noticed that La Verne had a reception for the new Web site designers and the fact that the site is up (“Celebrating a new look,” Sept. 25 and “La Verne revamps Web site,” Oct. 9). Why would an institution that struggles financially throw such a party? In fact, why would you celebrate the fact that a company ULV hired just did its job (and not particularly well)? Do you throw receptions for the people who clean the buildings, for the staff? How about the faculty, or maybe the campus security?

My vote is in. The new website gets a C- (grade inflation!) for practical use. And as for the calendar on the site? Where are the events that are not connected with Admissions’ Fairs? Arts events? Theater? Music? These are many student events. How do I find out about these events? I called ULV and had to go to the individual departments.

If there is a university calendar all events should be listed. Or none.

Micha Levitz

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