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Restaurant Review: Klatch offers more than just coffee

Samantha Sincock
Arts Editor/Editorial Director

Rancho Cucamonga is a town east of Los Angeles who, before the Victoria Gardens, had scarcely been heard of throughout the Southern California area.

But in that city, there is a local treasure that will have coffee lovers everywhere rushing to this caffeine hot spot.

Located in the oldest winery in California, the Coffee Klatch provides a relaxing and comfortable environment to locals and visitors.

The friendly staff is never hesitant to offer helpful suggestions, sample chocolate espressos or provide you with a warm cup of award-winning coffee.

The store’s décor, sampled with mismatched couches, which surprisingly look well together, and artists’ work hung sporadically on the walls, is a set right off “Friends.”

The patio can be found consumed with Klatch regulars and is often discovered to host live bands performing throughout the weekends, an aspect appealing to both the youth and adults of Rancho Cucamonga.

The baristas are far from what you will find at a local Starbucks.

Instead of fake smiles and small talk, you will find average people just wanting to make your beverage and learn a little about your life.

Although the growing corporation of Starbucks is convenient, with its drive-thrus and fast service, the actual taste of the Coffee Klatch’s blends is notably richer and better for just a quick walk in.

And if you’re a java-junkie, then do not waste any time to taste the Klatch’s own roasted blends.

The Coffee Klatch offers a variety of blends ranging from organic to local grown. All able to curb the craving of any coffee connoisseur.

And if you’re looking for something to eat, the Coffee Klatch has more than just coffee and weak pastries on the menu.

Delicious muffins, scones and cookies are baked in the facility every morning, providing the freshly baked taste we all look forward to accompanying our coffee.

Low fat smoothies are made with fresh fruit for a light refreshing meal.

The Coffee Klatch also offers a range of sandwiches and desserts, all made there, able to appeal to any appetite.

Customers are found visiting the café sometimes twice a day, and who wouldn’t with the ambience it provides and delicious drinks it has to offer?

The Coffee Klatch is the “Cheers” of coffee; everyone knows your name and is ready to know your stories.
So if you are looking for a place to do homework, chat with a friend, or get a warm drink to go with the fall weather, then visit the Coffee Klatch. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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