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'Something Blue' strikes gold

Michael Escañuelas
Staff Writer

Sean Dillon, assistant professor of theater arts, and his partner Curtis Krick celebrated the recent success of their film, “Something Blue.”

The film, shot in a mockumentary style, is about a couple getting married. The twist of the story is that a white woman, Jill, is soon to marry Terry, a man part of the fictional blue-skinned polar-race from Antarctica.

The film uses an improv-styled script, and follows the journey of the couple through the hardships of racial understanding.

One of the film’s lead actors, Chris Smith, is a University of La Verne alumnus, cast among other talents who auditioned in Los Angeles and San Diego.

“This was an idea I had in rough form a couple years ago,” Dillon said. “This film was a real test for us.”

Both Dillon and Krick have had mocumentary experience with their earlier film, “Significant Others,” part of a 48-hour film project.

“We’ve had really good experiences with mocumentaries,” Krick said. “But we prepared for ‘Something Blue’ a lot more than the 48 hour project.”

The film had previous success at the Temecula Film Festival, where it was shown in September, along with a recent showing at the Dixie Film Festival on Saturday.

With a small budget and short schedule, the team behind the project shot nearly 25 hours of footage.

“What we wanted to do was to turn our limitations into strengths,” Dillon said.

The film is partly narrated by a character named Zach, who is shooting the film. Zach’s character, played by Gavin Bowen, is glued to the camera throughout most of the film, giving little screen time to his character.

Zach gave the directors and camera crew the challenge of making the film seem as though it was shot in first person.

The style of choice allows the film to create a sense of reality.

“It was our goal to let the audiences discover the important points about the film for themselves,” Dillon said. “The response was really positive.”

With pressing matters like racial prejudice, relationship issues, and body image, “Something Blue” takes the tired concept of opposing families and marriage, and gives it a spin for the audience.

“The film was an interesting approach,” said Lesley Paterson, who produced the film with Ian Stokell.

“There were a lot of things that had to come together to get this project to work,” Paterson said.

The unique style of the film draws influence from films like “This is Spinal Tap” and “Secrets and Lies.”

The cast improvised much of the film with only small pieces being actually scripted to move the plot forward.

“It was easier than having a script,” said Chris Smith, who played Terry in the film. “With improv, I was just there in the situation.”

In addition to the film’s two appearances at film festivals, Dillion said that the future for this project looks bright.

“I hope that this film finds its audience,” Dillion said.

Currently, the producers and directors are looking for potential distribution of the film.

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