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Student focus attracts new provost to La Verne

Aisha Gonzales
Staff Writer

New Provost Gregory Dewey told an informal group at the Meet the Provost event Oct. 9 that he will continue to focus diversity and scholarship at the University of La Verne.

The informal event took place in the President’s Dining Room where a continental breakfast was served to students, faculty and staff as they became acquainted with Dewey.

“My vision for University of La Verne is to be a great private university devoted to diversity,” Dewey said at the meet and greet event.

“I chose to come to ULV because it is such a student oriented place. La Verne has stayed focused on its students. It is really refreshing,”he added.

Dewey took on the new position Oct. 1, after serving at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences at the Claremont Colleges as senior vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty.

“He was very excited to come to La Verne. He loved to get back at university environment,” Cindy Dewey, wife of the provost, said of why her husband chose to accept the position at ULV. “He is impressed with the ethnic diversity. La Verne mimics larger California.”

He has also served seven years as the Robert E. Finnigan Professor of Applied Life Sciences at KGI. “It (KGI) was a small institute that focused on science and business. He loves the diversity of La Verne and is eager by how much he can evolve it,” Cindy said.

The provost, also known as the academic leader, is responsible for making sure that all academic programs run smoothly, as well as the faculty on campus.

“The provost is in charge of all four of the La Verne Colleges and overseas all the academic programs,” Gale Longobardo, the provost’s secretary, said.

“He is very pleasant to work with. He has a hectic schedule and our office helps make sure he gets everywhere he needs to be,”Longobardo said.

Provost Dewey plans to focus on faculty research and federal funding, as well as expanding ethnic diversity throughout the University.

“Right now my plan is to get out and meet people and to understand their issues, if they have any, their dreams and where they want to go in the future,” Gregory Dewey said. “I want to focus on open communication. I want the faculty to understand the decisions that are being made in administration.

“I also want to focus on ways were we could enhance faculty expertise and scholarship If faculty is involved in research, it would enrich the experience for students,” he said.

Dewey said he is excited to begin making changes and fulfilling students, faculty and staff’s wants and needs on campus, which he hope will create a shared vision of where ULV will be in the future.

“He loves that he can wonder into Barbara’s place and there is always someone to sit and talk with,” Cindy Dewey said. “He enjoys meeting people.”

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