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The plea of a shoe saleswoman

Julissa Cardenas, Web Editor

Julissa Cardenas, Web Editor

Besides being a University of La Verne student and Web editor for the Campus Times, I am also a part time sales person. Not just any sales person – I sell shoes.

Not a great profession I know, but for now it is a job. I was not offered work study, on what basis I do not know, so having this job helps me with the many responsibilities I have.

Although it is a job, and I enjoy and love the people I work with, the job itself is not enjoyable. Every job comes with its ups and downs, but not many people realize how hard sales personnel have it. Now shoes are a whole other thing entirely.

When I first started I thought, how hard could it be? I’ll sell shoes, measure kids, help people with their selection and the likes, but I was completely wrong.

It is wrong the way customers treat employees. First of all, I am not a maid. If you are perfectly capable of cleaning up after yourself, then do it! It is completely ridiculous to have a person come into the store, try on some shoes and dump them on the ground right in front of my face.

Trust me, in my head I am yelling many profanities hoping you can read my mind, but I can truly not speak and you can thank company policy. All I am asking is for people to put things back where they got them, it does not have to be perfect, but it would sure help out.

The messiness of the store is also caused by messy children. Mothers please hold on to your young ones. It is understandable that they will run around, and grab things but keep it under control. We have “ leashes” or a less drastic approach would be to simply hold their hand or keep them in the stroller. Kids will be kids, but they will go crazy if a parent does not step in.

A repulsive sight that many of us at work have to deal with is disgusting children’s feet. If a mother asks me to measure her child and that child has disgusting socks on, I refuse. Instead I give the job to one of my co workers who always comes to my rescue.

The customer, employee relationship has soured. So many people expect us to do this, and this, and this, while at the same time they are rude, obnoxious and get angry at us when the item they want is not in stock. We do not have a machine in the back that makes shoes in a certain size, style, or color, so please do not take it out on us.

I myself used to walk into a store and leave things here and there, but now I am a changed person. I put things back in their place and make sure the people I am with do the same.

I have had my fair share of rude, and detestable customers, but one that really takes the cake is a woman that yelled a racial slur directed at me. It is extremely disrespectful to have someone judge you because of the way you look and yell something that offends people.

Remember to treat sales personnel with the respect and dignity they deserve. It all goes back to that famous saying, treat others the way you want to be treated.

Be nice to the sales person. When you are nice, we feel nice, and make your experience better. We try harder to find what you are looking for, and sometimes mark down an item if it is really what you want. So who knows, maybe you’ll end up saving some money.

Julissa Cardenas, a sophomore communications major, is Web editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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