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Music Review: ‘Concepts’ debut hits post-punk gold

Samantha Sincock
Arts Editor/Editorial Director

Toronto-based band Little Girls hits post-punk gold with their first full-length album, “Concepts,” after three earlier EPs.

The recording genius of one man, Josh McIntyre has created a realm of lo-fi-tinged pop that takes listeners back to the days of post-punk and goth.

Beginning as a side project, the band has taken off to become more widespread than McIntyre’s other group, Pirate/Rock, and has been crowned king of artistic establishment.

An assortment of rhythms containing distorted synth beats and 1990s guitar riffs are a cry for the ear of the eclectic.

The duo reminisces the mystical muse of Sigur Ros paired with the scratchy sounds of Sonic Youth.

Relying heavily on musicality, the band weaves little to no lyrics into their songs, solely focusing on staccato rhythms and indiscernible voice narratives.

“Imaginary Fields” takes the listener back into the realm of nostalgia with synchronized “oh’s” and rhythmical waves.

While “Tambourine” feels like a background track to a skate video distorted with electric guitar strums and raging drumbeats. The constant straightforward drumming paired with futuristic guitar rifts seemingly woven through distorted vocals allow for a repetitive cycle of tracks reading more like a musical narrative than individualized songs.

Although the album’s songs play less than three minutes a piece, they are a perfect on-the-go punk addition to your day.

And if the rhythms do not attract you than the creative song titles will keep you listening.

With names like “Thrills” and “Salt Swimmers,” one can’t help but listen to see if they can figure out the underlying reasoning behind such poetic metaphors.

Despite its name, Little Girls has proven to rise from being a side project to reigning as crowned king of artistic harmony.

With its moody vocals and vivacious pulse, “Concepts” can act as the perfect background album to your ongoing life. Congratulations McIntyre and artists for your post-punk front on music.

Little Girls will come to California on Dec. 1, with their first stop in San Francisco and then to Los Angeles the following day.

They will be playing at the Bordello Bar in Los Angeles on Dec. 2, a 21-and-over nightclub and bar, performing alongside Jubilee, Seaspin and Woah Hunx.

Hopefully we will see another album that extends off of “Concepts” to continue the journey through punk-indie stardom.

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