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Geoff Keith raises laughter at ULV

Michael Escañuelas
Staff Writer

Comedian Geoff Keith performed at the University of La Verne on Wednesday night in Founders Hall bringing laughs, observations, and insightful conversation.

ULV’s Campus Activities Board held the comedy night in correlation with the several Homecoming events of the week.

Keith’s comedy has been featured on several television special like “Comics Unleashed,” “Live at Gotham,” “Down and Dirty with Jim Nortan” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

Keith is also known for his time spent on tour with Pablo Francisco, a comedian who helped give Keith his start.

Keith’s talent with handling the audiences and keeping everyone entertained was well displayed in his act.

“It was a good turnout. With colleges you never know what to expect,” Keith said.

“One night you’re playing for hundreds of people in an auditorium and the next night your playing for 20 kids in a dorm lobby,” Keith said.

Keith’s stand-up was heavy in crowd observations.

He had the room laughing and pointing fingers as he would jump from person to person making jokes.

Keith’s act included jokes poking fun and ULV’s diversity, girlfriends, which celebrities are cool and which ones are not, and people with accents.

The event drew a good crowd, filling the middle section of Founders Auditorium and most of the side sections.

“The crowd really seemed to like him,” said Jamie Ondatje, comedy chair for CAB. “This event is made to get people out and aware of the activities that go on campus.”

The event began at 10 p.m. and lasted for more than an hour.

Along with several other activities that were planned throughout the week, the comedy night is a celebration of Homecoming.

Activities such as the Hawaiian lunch and the Monster Mash Tie Dye Bash were among the events that took place.

Throughout most of the beginning of his act, Keith was interacting with audience members.

“The show very entertaining,” said Henry Fidler, a senior English major. “The comedian interacted really well with the audience.”

Keith kept the audience going with random references from things like Audrey Hepburn to the “Breakin’” series.

His act then took a more traditional turn with funny stories and Jay Leno jokes.

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