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Positive attitude leads to longer, fuller life

Aisha Gonzales
Staff Writer

At 80 years old, Ken Dabrow, president of Dab-Row Radio, stands tall, bursting with energy and passion for life and his career.

In light of his love for life, Dabrow led a motivational discussion with students and faculty Wednesday in La Fetra, challenging the audience to let go of the negatives and focus on the positives of life.

“Life is a struggle,” said Dabrow. “I love it, the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Through personal stories, a positive attitude and comical gimmicks, Dabrow focused his discussion on appreciating life and overcoming all fears to build self confidence.

“Let your self confidence kick fear out of your life,” Dabrow said.

“You cannot let the things in life knock the spirit out of you. Fear is always going to be there. You have to learn how to control it of it will control you,” he said.

“I thought Dabrow was a great motivational speaker for anyone in general, not just communication majors,” sophomore communications major Alia Afana said.

“He had a lot of valid points for anyone getting into any career,” Afana said. “The most motivational thing he said is how to not let fear control your life and to exercise faith daily to overcome fear.”

After a number of years creating automotive advertising commercials, Dabrow has been recognized for his unique style and prevailing creativity.

“You can always pitch the value of what you are selling with creativity,” Dabrow said. “Come up with ideas through creativity, pick what you do, what you believe in and you cannot miss.”

Dabrow alleged that before he was a well recognized spokesman and salesman, he was faced with challenges.

“I believe in radio and I always had a passion for selling,” Dabrow said. “I took the challenge of approaching car salesman who didn’t know radio. The key is if you want to sell, first like yourself.”

“I thought it was a pretty powerful message to give not only to young people but to everyone in general,” Senior Dane Delfs, a business major, said.

“He could give that speech to anyone in any business. It was really directed towards each individual person and if they are able to be happy with what they do and have a positive attitude then they will be successful in whatever career they want to be,” Delfs said.

Dabrow continuously stressed that life was not meant to be easy, and when it does become easy, to find something to challenge you.

For him, the thrill in life is beating the odds and conquering challenges in the way of happiness.

“If there is no mountain there, build the mountain and climb it,” Dabrow said. “Go out and face whatever you have to face and overcome it. There are no shortcuts to real happiness. There is no easy way out, so don’t look for it.”

Dabrow’s energy and lively spirit spread through the room as many of the audience asked questions nonstop.

“He made it really relaxing for all of us. Being for his age, it was cool how he was able to make us relate to everything he was telling us,” Delfs said.

“What got me interested in his presentation was when he spoke about appreciating life and living for the moment. If you minimize all the bad things in life and think positively you could be successful in whatever you do.”

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