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How ULV should use its windfall

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

Now that holiday season is upon us, we though it would be a good time to make some requests of administrators.

Yes we know the economy is still bad. We also know the University and the Budget Task Force are looking at how best to spend an unexpected $2 million currently in the budget.

Here are our suggestions. (Completing them all would probably take more than $2 million, so feel free to pick-and-choose among them):

1. Fix the track
It is not fair that our track and field team does not have a nice and stable track. The bumpy surface is not fit for competition. Also with a regulation track, we would be able to rent it out to local high schools and make back some of the construction costs.

2. Upgrade Dailey Theatre
We love the look and the productions are spectacular, but the acoustics and lighting technology could use some upgrading.

3. Replace the tennis courts
We sort of thought the tennis-courts-turned-into-a-parking lot was going to be temporary. Now it looks like the shift might be permanent. So it’s time for construction of replacement courts. (We’re also disappointed that we lost men’s tennis – you could bring that team back too.)

4. Create a food court
Cal Poly and the Loyola Marymount University each have a pretty good sized food courts, which houses a variety of fast food joints and restaurants like Subway, Carls Jr,. and Quiznos. It would be nice if La Verne had similar choices. (We like Barbara’s Place, we’d just like a few more options.)

5. Create a university garden
The Claremont Colleges have one, Cal Poly has a farm. We would like a university garden where students who live on campus can plant their own fruits and vegetables, and the dining hall could use the local produce instead of buying it. This could save the University money and move us in a greener direction.

6. Place more recycling bins around campus
If we want to be a greener campus, we should have more recycling bins so that students and faculty have a easier time recycling their paper, aluminum and plastics.

7. Improve outside lighting on campus
Parking lots and other areas around campus are poorly lit making it scary and potentially dangerous for students and faculty who come out of classes late and have to walk to their cars alone. More lamp posts (with energy efficient bulbs) would make us all feel safer.

8. Bring more prominent people to speak at La Verne
The faculty lecture series is great; however, it would be fantastic if we could have some really high profile speakers too. We appreciate the ones we’ve had in recent years: George McGovern was wonderful, so was Eric Schlosser, the author of “Fast Food Nation.” We’d love to have more such figures on campus – it’s exciting.

9. Increase part-time faculty pay
We’ve editorialized about this one before, but it’s so important. In some departments nearly half the classes are taught by part-timers. Many of them are great and we don’t want to lose them. But how can we expect them to stay with what we pay – really.

10. Increase full-time faculty pay
We believe happy professors make happy students and we know faculty here are paid less than those at comparable schools. We also know that there is a salary freeze in place, which now that were in the black, should be lifted.

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