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TMZ shouldn't tee-up news

With all the controversy surrounding the Tiger Woods case, we are in a sense left to rely on one source: TMZ.

Sure, it catches us up on the latest celebrity gossip, but should upstanding network, cable and print news sources rely on it as their main, if not only, source for Tiger stories and other celebrity news?

That is what they seem to be doing.

Fox News Network is actually citing TMZ and not doing its own research on Tiger.

As journalists we are expected to go out there and do our own investigations, gathering reputable information for our networks and publications.

But because TMZ reporters are apparently among the few doing their own research on Tiger , we few choices but to rely on this gossip site – at least for our Tiger gossip news.

From what we can gather, Woods has found himself to be the antagonist of this bizarre love triangle – well, let’s call it a triangle for now by grouping his alleged mistresses into one.

He has admitted to having an extra- marital affair. Though no specifics were given, we’re leaning toward Jaimee Grubbs as being the alleged mistress.

And what wife wouldn’t be angry after finding all this out?

On Friday, as Woods was leaving his Florida home, he struck a fire hydrant, only to strike a tree immediately after.

Elin Nordegren, Woods’ wife, allegedly struck the back windows of Woods’ SUV in a heroic attempt to rescue her husband from the immobile vehicle.


Well, to make further use of the reporting done by TMZ, after an alleged argument between Woods and his wife, Nordegren scratched him in the face, causing him to leave, and that golf club wasn’t, allegedly, used to rescue him.

TMZ has it that Nordegren had actually stricken Woods with it.

When found, Woods was going in and out of consciousness, making that story a bit more plausible.

Poor Tiger’s Escalade; $3,200-worth of damage was done on top of the $164 traffic citation, and four points lost on his driving record.

Those four points weren’t his biggest setback.

But to get back to the main issue, as we’ve deviated a bit from the point of original reporting, journalists must return to the days of pens and pads when they all went out on their own, drilling these public figures, and receiving such information for themselves.

In a business as competitive as journalism, reporters must strive to seek their own information, beating out all other competition.

We can’t rely on these sites as our only sources of news. We must value true journalism.
And then maybe we’ll have a better mix of stories. More “real news” to balance out the celebrity gossip.

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