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Employees deserve a raise

In an attempt to increase salary wages for classified and administrative professionals at the University of La Verne, the classified and administrative professional committees proposed a 4.8 percent increase to the Budget Advisory Task Force.

The presentation outlined steps that would give classified employees a $3,000 raise annually and administrative/professional employees a $2,400 raise annually.

Although modest, the authors of the proposal feel that this amount will be seriously considered by ULV President Stephen Morgan. While this proposal is a positive first step, it’s only a first step and needs to go further.

The projected numbers under these principles raise the average ULV salary to within 95 percent of the market midpoint, or the accumulation and average of salaries for people in the same positions locally and nationally.

A wage increase for these ULV employees is much needed, especially since they took a pay freeze last year. However, raising their salary to or below the market midpoint is not good enough.

It is known that ULV is expecting a large number of new applications for employment, although concrete numbers are unknown. This, combined with a budget surplus, leaves little room for excuses for the decision makers not to take the proposal seriously.

It is time to show our appreciation for this group of ULV faculty and staff by increasing their wages to a respectable, and competitive rate. If not, the loss of employees who decide to leave ULV will cost the University much more than money, but irreplaceable institutional knowledge that cannot be measured.

Our University is well respected nationally, and in order to live up to those types of expectations, proper compensation must be given to employees of all pay grades. Too often their work goes unappreciated and that may have led to this problem not being addressed sooner.

However, their work is crucial to the success of the University, and we must use the latest proposal as a foundation so that equal pay will continue to be a priority for the sake of all current and future employees.

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