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Haiti still needs our help

The earthquake that destroyed Haiti in the beginning of January is another reminder that people always come together in times of tragedy.

Unfortunately it takes a grand-scale catastrophe like the 2004 tsunami, 2005 Hurricane Katrina and the recent quake in Haiti for people to feel inclined to help their fellow man.

It usually isn’t enough that millions are dying of starvation in Africa or that the man sitting on an upside down bucket off the freeway ramp is hungry.

But if it takes the media, celebrities and a fad to motivate people to donate towards a worthy cause, then more power to them because the much needed aid for the people of Haiti has been substantial.

Countless organizations and celebrities have come together to help raise money for the victims of Haiti. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and Brangelina donated funds in the million dollar range while others took part in the “Hope for Haiti” telethon that aired on MTV along with many other television networks.

The Los Angeles Times reported that more than 83 million people tuned in and that approximately $61 million was raised.

Some bands even launched their own charities, like Raidiohead. They held a benefit concert in Los Angeles on Jan. 24 and raised more than half a million dollars.

The concept of entertainers coming together to raise money for the victims of a tragedy is not unusual, as they can easily use their star power to bring in money.

Thanks to technology, it has even gotten so simple as to send a text message to help Haiti. Americans have donated more than $27 million by simply texting designated charities. The charges are reflected in their phone bills.

The people of Haiti have even benefited from the University of La Verne staff and students who helped raise funds through last month’s benefit concert.

The event was held on Jan. 20 at the La Verne Church of the Brethren Sanctuary and with the help of generous supporters who donated baked goods, funds were raised for organizations such as Hope for Haiti, Haitian Ministries, Partners in Health, American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

It has now been a month after the Haiti earthquake and more than 200,000 lives have been lost. The quake is being classified as more devastating than the 2004 Asian Tsunami. People are homeless, starving and in need of medical attention.

There will likely not be another telethon to raise money for the victims but let us not let the hype for Haiti relief die down so quickly. Hopefully people will continue to come together and help the people of this country as much as they possibly can.

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