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Portuguese class excites students

Michael Shather
Staff Writer

Founders Hall echoes with the sounds of an exotic romance language on Tuesday nights. This buzz is fueled by a new class, Conversational Brazilian Portuguese, now open to students and staff here at the University of La Verne.

Starting Tuesday night and continuing through spring semester, this lively class teaches fundamental Portuguese and lessons in Brazilian culture.

Conversational Brazilian Portuguese aims to build an interest in the language in the ULV community. The class is free. The only payment required is a strong commitment to the class, and a willingness to learn.

“I’m just taking this course just for fun and for the experience,” junior Jonathan S. Elias said. “It’s always cool to try new things.”

This three-hour course is being offered as a non-credit class. It is required of all applicants to the La Verne Brazil exchange program, but has been opened to all interested students, staff and faculty.

“If more students become interested in this subject, we can proceed to become an accredited class,” said Matthew Witt, assistant professor of public administration.

The class is taught by Kleide Klotz, an enthusiastic professor originally from Brazil. Klotz has been recognized for excellence in her work as a teacher and tutor of conversational Portuguese. She brings excitement and fun to an otherwise labor-intensive subject, making it relatively easy to learn.

It is no wonder that her passionate attitude has drawn a full class.

This class is funded by part of the University’s grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education.

Currently in the third year of a four-year grant, Conversa­tional Portuguese serves as an educational foundation for students preparing to visit Brazil. Philip Hofer, director of international and study abroad services said he hopes for continued interest.

“Our goal for next year is to have a full credit class,” Hofer said.

International exchange is an important component of the grant, so it is necessary to continue to build an interest among the ULV community.

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn an exotic language, and have a good time doing so.

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