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Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

TMZ has gained considerable leverage ever since it broke the news of Michael Jackson’s death last June. Now with all the recent media coverage of the Tiger Woods sex scandal, it appears that TMZ’s next calling is to focus more on sports news: the good, the bad and of course, the private.

Yes, TMZ will be expanding its coverage of celebrity gossip with, which is slated to launch in the very near future.

To the millions who indulge in what TMZ currently offers, this is a wonderful thing. But to those who question whether TMZ really is a reliable and reputable news source, this is sad news.

The way TMZ gets its breaking stories and controversial photos is questionable and sometimes unethical.

Stalking celebrities and high profile people 24/7 in order to snap that prized photo or capture that random sound bite are just some of the disgraceful actions of TMZ reporters.

Having someone follow your every move, every minute of the day, is frustrating and stressful. will most likely not focus on the latest homerun or touchdown, but will probably be concerned with athletes found doing one or more of the following: sex, affairs, drugs, fights or domestic violence.

Yes, athletes have had controversial and notorious scandals, including Tiger Woods, but news relating to sports should not focus on the athlete’s personal life.

The media has great power to make a famous person even more famous by digging up controversy, and that can break them into pieces while potentially ruining their career.

People, including the media, must remember that celebrities are still human beings who make mistakes just like everyone else.

Of course, celebrities should assume that their actions are of interest to people, but TMZ takes this notion too far. Since when is it entertainment to see a celebrity getting inside a car or going to the store?

The future launch of foreshadows where “sports journalism” is headed. And if it will be anything like regular TMZ, you can guarantee that sports journalism will never be the same again.

As it is already, various news stations such as Fox News use TMZ as a news source for some of their stories.

Instead of spending money on sending their own reporters to the news site, they opt for a news organization whose credibility lies in the latest gossip to inform their viewers.

Hopefully most of the population believes TMZ in general lacks professionalism and that its ethical standards are troubling. TMZ needs to leave sports alone, and stick with what they do best: guessing at the truth and then finding out if they were right later.

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