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Concert Review: New Found Glory celebrates 10 years

Michael Escañuelas
Arts Editor

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the release of New Found Glory’s self-titled album.

It feels like only yesterday that I was a young junior high school student buying that album and being amazed by how catchy, fast and energetic it was; it was all so new to me.

Now I am in my 20s and along with my age, my music taste has grown beyond just simple power chords and songs about girls.

Although I might dislike some of the shameless power pop bands that infest the scene today, New Found Glory proved to me this weekend that some albums just never die and that some bands can still get their fans going after so many years.

The tour features support from Fireworks, Hellogoodbye and Saves the Day.

Fireworks opened the set with a solid rock sound that could easily set the tone for the rest of the night.

Hellogoodbye played second, bringing out the pop sound with popular songs like “Here in Your Arms” and “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn.”

Unfortunately, with the exception of two new songs, these songs have been out almost six years, so most of Hellogoodbye’s set was familiar territory.

Saves the Day played before New Found Glory and brought the most familiar sound that surrounded the release of New Found Glory’s self-titled album.

The band recently reissued the album for the anniversary tour.

The band played the album in its entirety opening the set with the first track off the album, “ Better Off Dead” to the first night of two sold out Anaheim House of Blues shows.

From the first song the crowd which flooded the floor was moving, singing every line and staying energetic.

One of the best feats that New Found Glory displayed with its live show was their interaction with their fans.

Jordan Pundik moved back and forth on the stage slapping hands with the front row, handed off his mic to let the fans sing the songs, and kept the crowd moving with great energy.

Chad Gilbert, the guitarist, would do most of the talking between songs and interacted with the audience.

At one point he stuck his guitar neck out towards the crowd for them to strum, only to have one of them try and take it away; an act he later joked about.

The rest of the band – Ian Grushka, bassist; and Steve Klein, guitarist – could be seen always moving, while drummer Cyrus Bolooki sat upon a raised platform.

New Found Glory’s self-titled album was the prologue to the band’s several albums of catchy pop-punk.

Following the self-titled album the band released four full length albums, a greatest hits compilation, and a cover album.

The band has kept very busy over the past 10 years by venturing out of their sound with albums like, “Catalyst” and “Coming Home” and returning to their signature sound with their most recent release, “Not Without a Fight.”

Once the band played through the entire track listing of its self-titled album, which only clocks in at about forty minutes, the band then proceeded to play more material from its library.

Pulling out notable singles like “Catalyst,” “My Friends Over You” and more recently “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down,” New Found Glory kept the energy high and the audience singing, living up to the energy that the music provides.

It is hard believe that an album like New Found Glory’s self-titled album could unite many fans even 10 years after its release.

With two consecutive sold out shows and a live show with fans that could make even Blink 182 envious, New Found Glory proves that they are nowhere near throwing in the towel.

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