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End of the road for Hummer

Once they could be seen treading on ridged mountain slopes and broken desert roads before coming to height in the 2000s. Then suddenly they were seen as the official vehicle for mothers of suburbia to drive to the grocery store.

It is safe to say that Hummer’s legacy will be a symbol of American might and vanity after General Motors announced that their Chinese buyout deal with Sichuan Tengzhong fell through. But while there is still a ray of hope left for the brand as Hummer enthusiasts pray for another buyer before their new May 1 deadline, we will not hold our breath and hope you will not either.

It is time for this gas-guzzling, ozone-depleting and oxygen-polluting beast of an SUV to pass away into car heaven, although some may suggest it go the opposite way. In a world where hybrid vehicles thrive and reusable grocery bags become the norm, there is no room for a vehicle like Hummer to roam the streets filled with tree-hugging environmentalists who would probably set fire to all SUVs if they could get away with it.

This former U.S. military multipurpose vehicle gets approximately 11 miles per gallon at best, which is reason enough already to discontinue the brand. We should reserve that kind of fuel economy for necessary, heavy-duty trucks that are needed for work, not for those who want to show off their status.

There has been some talk about engineering a plug-in Hybrid Hummer but that would take away from the essence of the rugged beast. The only heart-breaking aspect about retiring the Hummer brand is the near 3,000 jobs that will be lost. Hopefully these workers can apply their auto skills to more fuel-efficient automobiles.

You cannot ignore the fact that only 9,000 Hummers were sold last year as opposed to 56,000 in 2007. Times have changed along with the way people spend their money. Therefore, now is the perfect time to put Hummer to sleep and when this is all behind us maybe, just maybe, it will go down in history as a gas-guzzling classic.

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