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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Why is ULV involved in trying to collect money for scholarships at a minor league hockey game through the auctioning of worn jerseys?

During a recent Ontario Reign game (for which ULV liberally passed out tickets to students, faculty, staff and alumni) one of the players punched his opponent, knocking off his helmet, continuing to pummel him with his fists, over and over again. It was violent, primitive, and appealing to only the lowest of human emotions.

Why would any one in their right mind buy a shirt with fresh blood anyway? Has research shown that hockey game visitors donate greatly for scholarships? Is this the new image of ULV – to promote blood shedding and foul play, ugly and cruel behavior?

I am shocked by this. This is wrong. The Ontario skating rink lacks ratings warnings (like those for movies) for the violence that can occur during these games. As a first-time spectator, I was not aware of this seemingly approved-of aspect of hockey.

I told my 7-year-old son it was not a real fight, and part of their show, as the crowd cheered it on. We were looking forward to the game – we had watched the making of the Zamboni ice cleaners and of the body protectors on the Science Channel. I am sure he had a good time, but I left with a great deal of disrespect for anyone who was involved in this event, eagerly depending on people wanting to donate, and thereby approving of such barbaric display of such gross, animalistic behavior.

I am ashamed that the University of La Verne would officially associate with such an event by advertising itself with the other “pop culture” schools, fast-food eateries and trashy behavior.

Udit Gratz de Lang
Class of 1999

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