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March madness comes to La Verne

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Intramural basketball tournament heats up.

Sophomore Tyler Holt of Team Sigma Kappa dribbles past Richard Richardson, Jr. of the Brothers Forum team at the intramural basketball tournament Tuesday night. Hoyt, a forward for the University of La Verne men’s basketball team, drew a foul on the play before winning the game. The tournament continues Tuesday at 10 p.m. at the Frantz Athletic Court./ photo Nicholas Mitzenmacher

Ashley Morgado
Staff Writer

Tuesday night marked the beginning of the March Madness of Intramural basketball at the University of La Verne. Frantz Athletic Court was loud with pumped up team members and excited bystanders.

A total of 10 teams signed up to play a guaranteed three games over two weeks on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The well attented event surprised Campus Center employee and intramural participant Lorraine Rodriguez.

“It was a very, very nice turn out,” she said.

“I look forward to (intramurals) every time.”

The rules for intramurals are simple. A maximum of 10 players can be on a team with a minimum of two women per team.

To ensure fair play for all participants there is a maximum of two ULV basketball athletes per team and there must be a woman present on the court at all times.

Another rule emphasizing fairness is each basket made, whether behind the three-point-line or not, counts for two points.

“It’s just for the fun,” said CAB intramural committee member and intramural participant Gabrielle Ontiveros. “It’s all fun and games.”

With deeper meanings than just good, clean fun, Jaime worked hard to deliver the bigger message of intramurals.

“It brings the campus together as one,” said CAB intramural chairman Adan Jaime.

“It helps to fortify the La Verne community.”

“Intramurals is a way to interact with people you normally wouldn’t on a regular day,” Rodriguez said.

Jaime explained that intramurals brings the community of La Verne and its students together because as teams are normally composed of friends, an opening on a team can occur and people who missed sign-up deadlines can join to play.

“We want everyone to come out and enjoy themselves,” Jaime said.

Because basketball is a contact sport and intramural rules allow players to call their own fouls, quarreling is a potential problem.

And although it clearly states on the rule sheet that no fighting is permitted, it didn’t take long for an argument to break out on Tuesday night.

However, learning from his past experiences as intramural chairman, Jaime handled the situation and nothing came of the altercation.

Whatever the reason to participate, the intramurals showcased a great turn out and brought a lot of students together.
Rodriguez also indicated that students might benefit from playing to help reduce their level of stress.

“It was a great turn out, thankfully,” said CAB chairwoman Naime Laskar.

The intramural committee seemed very pleased with the result and had only one negative thing to say about the event.
“I just wish more people would stay around…to show support for others,” said intramural committee member Jacob Acevedo.

Competition will continue over the next two weeks and the top four teams will face off in the playoffs on March 11.
If you happened to miss intramural basketball and want to find out about upcoming events, be sure to check the CAB calendar at

Intramural volleyball is scheduled to begin this April, so be sure to get your teams together early so as to not miss out on the action.

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