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New president, hear our calls

In his 26 years of faithful service to the University of La Verne, President Stephen Morgan has provided dedicated leadership and has accomplished many things. As we look to new leadership, here are a few things we’d like to see atop the new president’s agenda.

1. Fundraising: The University should fundraise more instead of relying so heavily on tuition to bring in revenue and support programs. This will allow students and faculty to focus on academic work, rather than being preoccupied with matters of scholarships and salaries.

2. Pay Equity: Currently the College of Arts and Sciences faculty provide most of the General Education courses for majors in the colleges of Business and Education, but CAS faculty earn substantially lower salaries than their Business and Education counterparts. We hope the new president will correct this and other such inequities.

3. More Transparency: There should be more transparency among top administration, particularly when it comes to budget decisions. The rest of the University deserves to know exactly what is going on.

4. More Full-time Faculty: Increasing the number of full-time faculty members should be a priority. Full-time faculty are more accessible to students and more invested in the whole University experience. While we have some excellent part-time faculty members, they are not as accessible to us because they are not around as much.

5. Pay Raises to Part-time Faculty and Full-Time Staff: Both at this University are woefully underpaid. The University must understand they are the backbone of the University and deserve a raise to at least the market rate.

6. Nix The Billboards: The University should tone down the current marketing scheme of putting ULV billboards on almost every major Southern California freeway. We do not want to begin to look like a trade school. The University provides a strong curriculum and education and should not resort to these types of advertisements.

7. More Prominent Speakers: The University should host more prominent speakers for lectures, commencement ceremonies and other types of events. Not only do these prominent speakers provide great insights, they help put us on the map.

8. More Majors: There should be more undergraduate majors to choose from at ULV. The variety will attract more prospective students.

9. Diversity: There should be more ethnic and gender diversity in higher administration and faculty.

10. Fix Athletics: First facilities, such as the track, for existing sports teams should be fixed. Second, the University should bring back the men’s tennis team.

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