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ULV students staying close to home this spring break

Elsie Ramos
Staff Writer

With spring break upon us, students are getting a break from term papers and projects a month earlier than than they did last year.

Much like last year, however, the state of the economy is making it hard for some students to travel long distances, while some plan not to travel at all.

“I’m going to Havasu or Las Vegas,” said Christopher Bin, a senior criminology major.

“I have no plans,” freshmen Oscar Bauman said. “Maybe I’ll go to the beach with some friends.”

Money is not the only reason some students are not traveling this year.

Some say they are not too pleased with the fact that the University has scheduled spring break early this year.

“It’s way too early in the semester,” Bauman said. “It doesn’t go along with my friends’ schedules and it makes making plans hard.”

“I like that it’s early because I get to see my friends I don’t usually see, but I feel like I’m not ready for a break, I don’t need it yet,” said Nicole Wood, a sophomore math major.

According to Travelocity’s senior editor Genevieve Shaw Brown, Las Vegas is a good destination because it is easy to find hotel rooms for less than $50 a night.

If you can swing a more distant trip, Brown said that warm weather destinations like Florida or Mexico are the most popular places to travel this year.

She also said that the easiest way to save money when booking a vacation is to book the hotel and flight together, which saves you an average of $315.

Staying at an all-inclusive resort could also save you money rather than paying for each amenities, which leaves some extra spending money.

For some, any break is a good break, no matter when it comes.

“The earlier the better,” Bin said.

For those who like to ski, however, spring break falls at a great time. Mountain High Resort is offering lift tickets from $30 to $65, depending on the time skiiers want to go.

Whether you travel across the country, go some where close by, or just stay home, and whether it is before or after Easter, spring break is something most people look forward to.

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