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Music Review: On Being Human shines with debut

Samantha Sincock
Copy Editor

Ever wonder what John Williams’ music would have sounded like if he had picked the path of rocker and not composer? Well, ponder no more for a band reminiscent of the famous directors’ muse has released their debut album that will keep you listening for more.

The Murieta, Calif., based group On Being Human has taken ambient rock to a new level with their album “To Light the Coals of Hearts.”

The band’s lucidly creative zest comes from its dedicated members – Travis Baker (lead vocals, keyboards, guitars, synths), Brandon Mayo (guitars, vocals), Greg Johnson (guitars, synths, keyboards, vocals), Beau Trembly (bass, synths, keyboards, vocals), and Johnny Pyburn (drums, percussion).

Together they weave and compile rhythmic genius to create music capable of appearing in major motion picture soundtracks.

The album was released Feb. 24 of this year and since then has been receiving praise from all corners of the music realm.

Many of the sounds heard through the tracks are a mixture of electronic guitar, heavy drum beats, soft piano, whirling strings and bells, along with harmonizing synths. Not to mention the guitarists have added dozens of guitar riffs throughout the songs comparable to the beginnings of Slash and Page, taking the mystical whims of the album back to traditional rock.

The album holds true to its title in portraying the emotions of the heart in the eyes of a musical misfit. Throughout the tracks, one can attach their own memories to the poetic lyrics and mystic waves of sound. But do not be deterred, the lyrics are not of sappy teenage heartbreak like those heard on the radio today. Instead, they portray a look into the human soul, conveying the thoughts of an individual whether it be gazing upon the grand midnight sky, or falling in love after a history of strife.

The song entitled “Lost Signal” for instance, talks about dreams of the heart that have been crashed by life’s harsh reality. While others such as “Ceres XIV” speak about looking for companionship in life, attempting to find something within world of nothing and hold lyrics like “breath my darling, speak my darling, so I don’t feel alone in the unknown.”

Overall On Being Human has made quite the impression for their first album and without a doubt will be making musical history before long.

If you are ever in the mood for the action and love of Star Wars without the long movie, just download “To Light the Coals of Hearts,” I promise you will find yourself more than satisfied.

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