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Commentary: I have not stopped believing

Kristen Campbell, News Editor

Kristen Campbell, News Editor

Singing, acting, playing piano and, of course, writing are basically my passions in life. Without any one of those, I know I may just go insane with boredom.

I have always had two major dreams in life: one, to become a journalist at a newspaper or magazine and two, to pursue acting and singing. When I was in high school, I spent three years in journalism and theater, both of which became complete addictions.

However, once I began major classes on campus, I chose journalism as a future profession and decided to set aside acting and singing as hobbies.

A couple of months ago during my January Interterm, I took musical theatre to fulfill my art general education credit and to get a feel for the department. During that same time, my friend’s mother heard from Perez Hilton’s website that “Glee,” the hit Fox television show, was having an open casting call for the show’s second season.

Upon hearing this I immediately went to Fox’s online casting website and signed up to receive an email once the casting call opened. The page originally advertised the casting would begin in February, so when March came around without a notification, I began to get nervous. I was afraid the executive producers had changed their mind or the casting was a rumor to get “Gleeks” excited for the second half of the first season, which premiered last week.

Then on March 30, I opened my email to see instructions telling me how to submit my audition statement and video. I waited until that Saturday to create my videos so I had all day to prepare.

I was limited to one minute to tell the producers who I was, where I was from and why they should watch me. I tend to ramble when put on the spot, but I did not want to sound scripted, so I wrote down just the subjects I needed to touch upon without details.

First, I had to create a MySpace profile in order to enter, which was stupid but a good advertising move by the MySpace company since Facebook has stolen many of its users.

After about 20 minutes, my statement video and my rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” had been submitted and were the possession of “Glee.”

My emotions were a mixture of nerves and anxiousness for the “Audition Gallery” to be posted so I could hear how I did. A few days later, the gallery appeared and I made the bold move to post the link to my Facebook profile.

Of course my friends commented and were initially super excited. Within one day, my family and friends gave me more than 500 gold stars.

Due to the response I received from my friends, for the past three weeks my status updates included the link to my audition for those feeling generous. One week ago, I made the milestone of getting 10,000 gold stars and it was mind-blowing to see how many people support me.

Ever since I realized I may have a chance of my videos getting viewed by the producers, it has been surreal to even imagine being on the show.

Part of me cannot grasp the idea and is hoping nothing happens, but the other part is looking forward to the opportunity I may receive. It seems April 26, the deadline, is creeping its way as slowly as it can just to build the anticipation.

Whether I get chosen as one of the new cast members, the audition process has been enlightening. It has helped me put my voice out for the public and has revealed I have a giant support group that will help me pursue my ambitions.

All I can do now is wait, ask people to give me stars and be ready to accept whatever happens.

Kristen Campbell, a freshman journalism major, is news editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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