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Don't be fooled by fast food

It seems like fat America is becoming increasingly aware of the unhealthy effect junk food has on society. Michelle Obama has taken on Childhood obesity, Jamie Oliver just launched his “Food Revolution” show on ABC and KFC just eliminated bread from one its sandwiches.

But there lies a problem in certain attempts at making the world a healthier place: deception.

The fast food chains that surround our very campus clutter their menus with items that are self-proclaimed healthy options or perfect for our zero carb diets, but with new menu choices it is beginning to grow harder and harder to fully understand if food chains are working to make us healthy or tricking us to consume ourselves to an early grave.

One of the most outrageous additions to that menu include Kentucky Fried Chicken’s recently released sandwich, the Double Down, which features two chicken patties sandwiching bacon, cheese and sauces.

When the sandwich first appeared it was thought that the calorie intake just by eating one would be well over 1,200 calories. KFC was quick to correct the number and now states in their nutrition information of their website that the sandwich contains about 540 calories.

So what? According to KFC’s nutrition guide, it has nearly more sodium, cholesterol and transfat than any other KFC food item.

It also has 32 grams of fat. A foot-long turkey sandwich from Subway is 7 grams of fat. Get the picture? Do not be fooled into eating “healthy” items at places like KFC. Chances are if they stay open until midnight, offer low prices and offer food items with the name Double Down, it is not very healthy.

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