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Greek Week evokes spirited competition

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Ashley Morgado
Staff Writer

The annual week of friendly competition between sororities and fraternities – Greek Week – kicked off on Monday.

A Gotham City skyscraper of balloons towered in the University quad as live music from LeoFM called to action all members of Greek life to fight crime in the first of the week festivities.

To start the action packed week, an art event entitled “GreekCon” took place by the Rock during the afternoon.

It summoned all Greek members to one area of the campus to announce to the student body that this week means business.

“It’s a good image to kick off the week,” one of the Greek Week coordinators, Jose Hernandez, said.

“We’ve never started Greek Week with GreekCon,” Iota Delta member Naime Laskar said. “The first event is always slow, and this was the perfect event to start off with.”

The mellow event supplied members with the materials to create their artwork and only allowed four members to participate at the drawing table at once.

“We are supposed to create a comic book cover that represents our individual Greek organization and motto, Greek unity, and also ULV,” Sigma Kappa President Sara Montgomery said. “It’s good to start with something light because the intensity level by the end of the week is through the roof.”

To ease the Greeks into the madness, Monday was a slower day that started with the art event and ended with a “Superhero Sound Off.”

The singing competition was held in the Campus Center Ballroom from 10 p.m. to midnight.

A minimum of five and a maximum of 10 people were allowed to be on the stage to belt out their made up lyrics to an assigned popular song.

Tuesday was the day that things started to heat up. The intensity level hiked up as the Greeks participated in the tug-of-war.

This event especially was one of the major events that people spent months practicing for.

“You get to put up to 1,000 pounds on the rope,” Montgomery said.

“The training process these girls have gone through is ridiculous,” Montgomery said in response to how her sorority prepared for the tough event.

“The event was very exhilarating,” Hernandez said.

“There was a lot of adrenaline,” Hernandez said.

Phi Delta Theta came out on top, but all the teams gave it there all to win the rope battle.

Other events that were held throughout the week included the “Fantastic Five Relay,” “Kryptonite Pyramid,” and a brand new event entitled “Riddle Me This?” where the organizers built a life-size Scrabble board that fit perfectly in the Sneaky Park amphitheater.

The organization for all the events was scripted differently this year. In the past there was a member from one fraternity and one sorority who organized the entire week.

This year, a dynamic team calling themselves the “Greek Week Council” consisted of one delegate from each organization.

“It has been a lot of work,” Hernandez said.

“Hopefully everyone will enjoy their time and we will have a good week.”

A hero or heroine will be named after the suspense of the anticipated Lip Sync unfolds. The annual event that always brings out massive competition and is everyone’s favorite to compete in, takes place at 7:30 p.m. tonight in the Athletic Pavilion.

“We have won the lip sync every other year,” Phi Delta Theta fraternity member Alan Hernandez said.

“It’s the pride you take in from this event. We want to be the best,” Hernandez said.

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