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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Though I was not able to attend Donna Bentley’s lecture last week, I am one of many faculty who find her skills in teaching and research to be top notch. Donna Bentley is an example of the best of La Verne. Her dedication, enthusiasm for what she does,and her willingness to help everyone are legend at La Verne. I am fortunate to call her my colleague and applaud the Campus Times for their article (“Technology reforms research methods,” April 16).

Janis Dietz
Professor of Business Administration

Dear Editor,
I want to applaud your editorial on sustainability in last week’s Campus Times (“Only you can help save the planet,” April 16). The University of La Verne is committed to becoming a more environmentally sustainable campus and will continue to take active steps towards its pursuit of climate neutrality. In the article, you listed a number of plausible opportunities to help reduce our individual and community carbon footprint. I would like to offer you one more possibility.

As part of this effort, I would encourage the Campus Times to conduct a reflective review of its printing and distribution policies. For instance, there are less than twenty-five staff and student assistants working in the Facilities Management area, yet we often receive four to eight times that many printed copies of the Campus Times. On Friday, 200 copies were delivered to us and placed on top of about 100 leftover copies from the prior week’s edition. As I walked through Leo Hall on the way back from a meeting this morning, I noticed there was a stack of Campus Times almost two feet deep in the main entryway. With each copy being the equivalent of 12 8.5- x-11 pieces of paper, this quickly adds up.

You are already supplementing your paper edition with a Web edition at Why not consider moving towards a single page teaser edition each Friday that directs readers to your website? Better yet, why not a fully electronic teaser with Web links to the full stories? I don’t know what your print/distribution count is, but a fully electronic version would likely save the equivalent of five cases of paper a week.

Clive Houston-Brown
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

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