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Music Review: K Sera introduces addictive sound

Samantha Sincock
Copy Editor

Sacramento is home to a variety of music genres being one of the most diverse music scenes in the nation and has produced yet another group worthy of greatness.

K Sera has taken the sounds of music on a theatrical roller coaster with their short but captivating EP, “Me Before Women and Children.”

The journey began as a solo project headed by singer and guitar player Michael Caswell. The group quickly

gained popularity in 2009 when the full band came together to embark on tour and produce a worthy line up.

The masterminds behind this addicting muse are Caswell, Sean Stack (guitar), David Christensen (piano), Jordan Mccoy (bass) and Dustin Combs (drums).

Together they produce a sound similar to Panic! At The Disco meets You, Me, and Everyone We Know.

The band brought on board Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden to smooth out the edges of the EP and although it consist of a few songs, it doesn’t take more than one to ensure this group has a definite future among the some of the top musicians in the indie realm.

The song “Me Before Women and Children” is a combustion of energy with strong vocals backed by gang chants you can feel in the pit of your stomach.

The electronic waves combined with clever piano licks following each verse will have you dancing to the strong rhythms. Caswell’s impressing vocals immediately demand your attention and you will find yourself singling along to “We came from different hospitals, wrapped up like sons and daughters/ we were too young to fall in love, not that it really matters” after the first listen of the song.

The band features other groups in their songs like Mozart Season in “Advice: Save Yourself” and Forgive Durden in “Me Before Women and Children.”

The group has just spent a stay in Seattle recording their sophomore EP “Smile For The Inevitable” with producer Thomas Dutton and Casey Bates (Portugal. The Man, Gatsby’s American Dream) at the helm for mixing.

It is not question that K Sera is quickly assembling themselves to unleash their unique sound to the larger music scene and definitely deserves a place in your iTunes library.

Visit the band’s PureVolume page for a free download of “Me Before Women and Children” or buy the entire EP on iTunes you won’t regret the purchase.

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