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Brace for tighter space

With the school year wrapping up for the 2009-2010 academic year, it would be appropriate to commend the University of La Verne for its accomplishments, namely the opening of the Campus Center and its major jump in freshmen enrollment. But the latter is also generating a new cause for concern once September comes around.

One of the main concerns is whether the University will be able to comfortably accommodate hundreds of extra freshmen and transfer students.

La Verne has always marketed its ability to provide intimate classroom settings with small student to faculty ratios. We hope that with a higher volume of students professors will be able to continue to provide the same one-on-one relationships that students have come to expect.

We also recognize that with more students there will be fewer parking spaces available. Our tennis courts have already been sacrificed for additional parking spaces, which still do not accommodate all current students. It does not look like there are plans to resurrect our tennis courts any time soon, but we hope there are plans to accommodate additional cars on campus.

We have also learned that the Sheraton Fairplex may be the new home for upperclassmen since the dorms cannot accommodate enough living spaces with all the new students. We hope the adjustment will be smooth.

These are just some concerns we have for next year but we believe that the University will fair well. With every change comes growth and a little bit of readjustment. As long as the students’ needs are taken care of, the future of La Verne looks to be a bright one.

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