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Drill out energy alternatives

The issues of the safety of American lives and the environment have been in the headlines a lot recently. In the wake of only a couple months following the coal mine accident in West Virginia, the Gulf of Mexico has fallen victim to a large oil spill.

While the spill is still under investigation, the issues of replacing oil wells with new technology has over flown the arguments regarding the blame for the incident. Many of the oil wells that are planted throughout the Gulf Coast vary in their technology.

One of the methods to try and stop the leaks is to slowly cut the oil that is being drilled. This may take months considering all the technology that comes from oil drilling and the amount of labor it would take to stop the flow of oil coming from the underwater, but it might be well worth it.

For lawmakers, the issue has sparked great controversy over an already heavily debated issue. Shortly after the incident, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was reported saying that he no long supports the offshore drilling based in Santa Barbra County.

Obama on the other hand has been less persistent for change on the issue in comparison to the controversy surrounding the coal mine accident.

The size of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be compared to the state of Rhode Island, which is a devastating comparison. The sacrifices we are making at the expense of nature are many.

This new oil spill incident should be a wake-up call for us to start utilizing our resources here at home and become less dependent on offshore drilling for our energy needs.

It seems that right after an oil spill everyone voices concern over the negative consequences but as time passes the issue gets put on the back burner.

Our leaders should realize that these disasters are not going to disappear. Every oil spill is just another product of refusing to convert to alternative sources of energy.

Rather than spending money on trying to fix the issues that plague our system, time and energy should be directed towards finding alternative methods that involve less risk and prevent any kind of damage towards nature.

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