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Getting to class never seemed easier

After working out in the gym, Kevin Clay and Ben Sankey head back toward their dorms. Both Clay and Sankey have been riding their longboards to class since their freshman year. / photo by Rafael Anguiano

After working out in the gym, Kevin Cleis and Ben Sankey head back toward their dorms. Both Cleis and Sankey have been riding their longboards to class since their freshman year. / photo by Rafael Anguiano

Michael Shather
Staff Writer

A new trend is rolling its way onto the University of La Verne. Skateboarding is fast becoming a popular way to get around campus.

Commuters and residents are taking advantage of this quick way to get where one needs to go.

The skateboard of choice for students at La Verne is the long-board.

Great for cruising, these boards are quick and easy to handle.

“The parking at La Verne is garbage,” freshman business major Spencer Kissick said.

“I park off campus to avoid any tickets and then skate to class,” Kissick said.

Long-boards can be found everywhere. They can be bought inexpensively for around $40.

However, better boards and parts will cost slightly more, reaching into the $100 and up range.

If you are looking for the top of the line long-board, the brand to check out is Sector 9.

Their boards come in a variety of sizes and the quality can’t be matched.

“It gets me to class quicker in the mornings, and traffic isn’t too bad so I can weave in and out of traffic, no problem,” junior criminology major Alan Nevarez said.

“I’ve skated to class before,” senior sociology major Lorraine Rodriguez said.

“It is more fun then walking and being lazy and driving to class is just such a hassle,” Rodriguez said.

Getting to class quicker is just one benefit of using a long-board to get around.

They can also be a lot of fun and a good way to kill time.

It can be a great escape to hop on your board and forget about the stresses of class.

“It’s just fun. I’ve been skating since like, ever. Then freshman year I got a long-board and started cruising,” Nevarez said.

La Verne is pretty friendly when it comes to skateboarding. The police do not seem to mind either.

Cruising through downtown on a warm day under the shade provided by the oak trees on Third Street cannot be topped by anything else in La Verne.

Although the exercise one gets while skating around is good, the majority of skaters do it for fun.

They do it for the simple joy that riding brings.

“I don’t think it’s anything cool or anything,” Kissick said.

“I just do it because it is more a functionality for me,” Kissick said.

“I started skateboarding because a bunch of players on my baseball team did it and it was a way for us all to hang out outside of baseball,” said junior business major Mike Lindsey.

“Some would go out, and others would play video games; we had skating and it was a blast,” Lindsey said.

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