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Islam is not the enemy

Muslims have been the recipients of a multitude of hate in the last few weeks. Protesters have stormed the city of New York in opposition to the construction of a mosque two blocks away from the former World Trade Center.

A minister in Florida gained headlines when he proposed a “Burning of Qu’ran” day coinciding with the commemoration of 9/11.

Even shows like “South Park” and “American Dad” make fun of Muslims, labeling them all terrorists who walk around with bombs strapped to their waists.

The issue behind these news events and pop culture shows is ignorance.

The grouping of all Muslim individuals together based on a small portion of radicals has caused an onslaught of prejudice activities that are reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan.

If all white people were grouped together and entitled KKK members, the large majority of the white population would be outraged.

Extremist groups only account for a small percentage of each ethnic group or congregation of people.

There are radicals in every religion.

The KKK accounted for the Christian faith, Kahane Chai for the Jewish faith, and Al-Qaeda for the Muslim faith.

That does not mean that every individual practicing the faith is a member of these violent terrorist organizations.

Building a mosque and a community center two blocks away from Ground Zero is actually a benefit to the community.

It not only stimulates the economy by providing jobs while supplying a center for New Yorkers to come and take classes or learn more about the Muslim faith and tolerance.

In fact, dozens of innocent Muslims were killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers, according to

The burning of Qu’ran is an extremist action that is comparable to any other extremist action.

And disputes are not settled by taking revenge on someone who has hurt you.

All non-Muslim Americans should take some time to learn about other religions, and not automatically associate every Muslim with terrorism.

Every person is equal, and every American deserves respect.

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