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Pomona gallery goes eclectic after hours

Steven Comba, Assistant Museum Director, was among the guests at “Art After Hours,” a weekly event hosted by Pomona College Museum of Art. The Museum invites visitors each Thursday evening to see the current exhibitions while enjoying food, refreshments, and live music. Work in the Museum includes Steve Roden’s sculpture and painting installation titled “When Words Become Form” and work by Ginny Bishton, one of a series of several local Southern California artists to be exhibited. / photo by Scott Mirimanian

Tennille Wright
Staff Writer

The courtyard at Pomona College was abuzz with students snacking on refreshments while engaging in conversation about the arts.

It was the launch of Art After Hours in Claremont, Sept. 2, the first of many Thursday nights to be filled with art and culture.

Others at the event enjoyed music as they danced with friends on the lawn.

The water fountain provided a good place for intimate conversations or needed alone time.

The Art After Hours program is a project of the Pomona College Museum of Art in partnership with students and academic groups throughout the campus.

The program provides students and community members an opportunity to experience various art forms at a convenient time.

Art After Hours offers an array of art and entertainment, including concerts, spoken word performances, lectures, panels, film screenings and workshops.

Live music begins at 8 p.m. and includes various styles and genres.

“We want students to be active and creative aside from just standing around looking at art,” said Jessica Wimbley, the coordinator for Pomona College Museum of Art.

Students with a variety of majors, from any of the five undergraduate colleges or two graduate institutions that make up the Claremont Colleges can be found among the crowd, enjoying the festive environment.

Students who attended last week described the program as tranquil, creative, educational and beneficial to the Pomona College environment.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Paulina Kozupa, a junior at Pomona College said. “It allows students time to see art. Definitely the music and discussion will generate interest in art.”

Some students believe the program will also serve as a way to relieve stress after a rough week.

A few freshmen described Art After Hours as a great way to socialize and meet new people.

“The atmosphere is definitely what we wanted, we hope to see students take advantage of the green grass by having a seat and relaxing,” said Amaru Tejeda, the live music director for KSPC, Pomona College’s radio station.

Tejeda is excited to introduce many different bands that cover a wide range of genres to provide music for all to enjoy.

A quick 10-minute drive from the University of La Verne, the Pomona College Museum of Art is easy to get to from here.

Everyone is encouraged to experience the museum’s exhibitions, including the Kress Collection, which is one of the museum’s five permanent collections, and features 14th-17th century art.

Exhibitions currently on display include “The Project Series Exhibits,” featuring experimental work by artist Ginny Bishton, as well as Steve Rodens’ “When Words Become Form,” a large installation of wood with accompanying sound, constructed specifically for the museum.

Art After Hours will continue from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursdays through Dec. 2.

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