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Students duck, dodge and catch

Kevin Dowell of the A-Top Animals was among 12 team members to compete with 11 other teams participating in Tuesday night’s intramural dodgeball tournament. / photo by Jakeh Landrum

Nolasco Pesina
Staff Writer

Tuesday night the gym was filled with students ready to see balls fly, cheer for friends and maybe a see someone take a ball to the face at the Campus Activities Board’s intramural dodgeball tournament.

“CAB is all about getting out and having a fun time,” Jacob Acevedo, CAB intramural chairman, said.

“We try and get people who don’t play sports active on campus by holding these events. They are fun and get students to interact with one another.”

Tuesday night’s tournament featured 12 teams and six games. The games were decided by a best-of-three format, meaning the first team to win two times was pronounced the winner.

“A-Top Animals are here to change history and dominate,” Oscar Bauman, sophomore political science major, said.

“We wanted to come out and have fun,” Anthony Forlenza, sophomore history major, said. “It was a little intimidating seeing that we had to play the team with all the water polo players, but I’m really excited we got the win to show that we can do it,”

Dodgeball is a sport normally dominated by men but Tuesday night was a little different because of a few standout women players like Tamlyn Tarangeo, sophomore from the Sigma Kappa team.

She was the last one on her team to get eliminated, but she did not go without a fight knocking three people out and giving the crowd a show.

“I didn’t know I was the last one on my team till they told me I was forced to give the balls back then I began to freak out,” Tarangeo said. “I was focusing on catching the ball and trying to eliminate them one by one.”

Another standout performance was Corbin Henanlt, senior athletic training major.

She carried the team on her back and eliminated five players one by one, leading her team to a victory.

“When I realized that I was the last one on my team, I thought to myself it’s game time. It’s either I put it away or my team loses and I couldn’t let that happen,” Henanlt said. “We all know each other and it gets really competitive out there which makes it more fun.”

The intramural dodgeball tournament is a newfound tradition at the university and most students look forward to it.

“I’m glad that everyone came out to support everyone who is participating in the tournament,” said Tarangeo.

It was easy to see the excitement that this tournament brings to the students who participate.

The fun continues Tuesday night, featuring the winners of night one, at 10 p.m. in the gym.

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