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Commentary: Call me a crazy Catholic

Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief

I am a devout conservative Catholic and have been for the past 19 years today.

I was baptized a Maronite Catholic at nearly 4 months old and have grown in my faith ever since then. Throughout the years, I have been taught about what the religion believes and I have also done my own research where the teachings lacked.

Yes, the Catholic Church seems to always be in the middle of scandals that are broadcasted internationally through the media, but every group has their issues.

Catholicism just embraces them and tries to handle them in the best way possible.

When people find out I am Catholic, some are wary when I also say my priests are cool and I can talk to them about anything. They are afraid every Catholic priest is a pedophile, which is definitely not true.

They also ask me why I worship the Virgin Mary or saints, but in reality we do not worship any of them. We ask Mary for her intercession between us and Satan’s temptations and for her guidance in stressful situations.

As for saints, we look to them as role models in different aspects of life. For instance, Saint Maria-Goretti is the patron saint of purity and chastity. I do not worship her for her martyrdom, but instead I admire her for giving up her life instead of her virginity.

The Catholic Church also does not believe in abortion under any conditions. I am completely pro-life and will hold to my guns in every situation.

Pro-choice believers argue with me asking what I would do if I was pregnant and the doctor said I would die upon childbirth or if my child would be born with extreme defects.

As scared as I would be, I would go through with the birth praying that God would intercede and prove doctors wrong.

Even if the doctors guaranteed I would die or my child would live with mental conditions, I would put my faith in God’s hands.

Catholics do not believe in contraception because we feel God will bless us with children as He believes we are ready.

But even though we accept children as fast as they may come, that amazing creation by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, also known as in vitro fertilization, is seen as wrong. God intended conception to happen inside the womb without laboratories sticking their noses into a woman’s business.

I do want children, but in vitro will never be an option even if doctors pronounce me infertile.

Maybe God did not intend for me to bear my own children, but instead adopt those that need loving parents.

All of this mumbo-jumbo may be something you do not believe in, but Catholicism is the basis for my lifestyle.

Call me a crazy Catholic but I have seen miracles happen. My friend’s son, who is almost two years old, was born bruised because he had a condition called infantile spasms.

He would have over 40 seizures a day and doctors said he would not be able to develop or function at a normal rate. After thousands of prayers and months of waiting, he went back to his neurologist for a semiweekly appointment and the brain scans showed no spasms whatsoever. Fairly soon after, he took his first steps and began normal development.

Life throws curveballs at us and we have to decide how we will catch them almost immediately. But with God by my side and my faith stronger than ever, I am not afraid of how fast those curveballs are coming.

Kristen Campbell, a sophomore journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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